Minecraft Server updated, and future updates…

Howdy minecrafters.

After weeks of slacking off, I’ve finally updated our Minecraft server to the latest version, mostly in preparation for the big 1.8 (“Adventure”) update, which is bringing a lot of exciting Minecraft features.

I’ve also decided to return this blog to it’s regularly scheduled theme (though I’m certainly guilty of letting it sit idle). That is, discussion surrounding game strategy and gameplay – not so much admin information for Minecraft.

My new means of Minecraft server update information will be Google+
Get on the +, and ask me to add you to my “minecraft” circle.

Battlefield 3 Alpha… a thematic virtual battlefield experience

A Friend of a Friend allowed me to take Battlefield 3 Alpha for a test-drive… let me tell you, my initial experience has actually managed to exceed my ridiculous expectations.

Be aware reader: this game is in alpha, so anything said here is subject to change (knowing Dice-improve) as BF3 goes to Beta, then live.

That isn’t to say the game is already complete – It appears to me that spotting is largely unchanged, or perhaps even more subject to abuse – I seemed to be able to spam Q at various bushes until I was able to find people trying to crawl through them. Also, though you can spawn on your squad leader (or even anyone in your squad, it seemed that was server dependent) the initial stage seems to suffer from attackers easily being able to spawn camp defenders.

I liked a lot of the changes from BC2:
Movement is different in this game – it seems easier to hit players on the run, and bring them down. This means cover was more important, and movement takes an “I’m up, they see me, I’m down” mentality. Also, the re-tooling of the kits is a welcome change from BC2 – I found myself loving playing the support kit… most players seemed to go with the assault/medic. With the support, I was running around, dropping ammo packs for points; setting up in the subway (could defend a corridor quite well-had a 12:1 round where most of my kills were me defending a corridor); and my best ‘battlefield moment’ happened in a way that only the support kit (armed with a larger magazine) seemed to be able to do: a triple kill when I flanked the enemy’s line to see a squad all hiding behind the same rock.

Oh, and if you’ve watched some youtube videos, I can confirm that the BF3 theme music blares a bit when you do something crazy (like a triple kill). Thematic was how I would describe that experience of pwnage. This game has me thinking tactics. If I was a cat, this would be me:

Time for everyone to get new Android phones…


Now minecraft can happen anywhere!

Quick Minecraft update

All – returned from vacation, the server is back up!

Guess I like to watch…

Caught this snippet on Slashdot. Interesting theories-I had always thought that the reason people like to watch so much was because playing SC2 is such a stressful activity – if you aren’t 100% on your game and going all out, your opponent will wipe the floor with you. I buy the argument, though-that because of the difference in information between playing and watching, watching itself is a different enough experience that it deserves to be considered on its own as a form of entertainment. Kind of like when we watch a football game on TV – the players are limited by their perspective, but those of us on our couches get to see angles that provide a better vantage point on how both team’s plays are developing as a whole.

At any rate, reading this makes me want to watch more SC2, and lets me feel like less of a “quitter” when I do.

Our Minecraft Server, zip format, 13May11 1620

Hi all-
ergot and I are doing some testing with the new Minehost service… as part of that test we’re going to load up our server and check to see how functional it is. I figured I’d put out a copy of our server here for both our testing, and if anyone wanted a snap.

Also, anyone interested in testing Minehost with us? Ergot is leading the charge here, so he sets the timelines, but I’m sure he’d be happy to see interest from you guys…

The War Room – on obstacles between me and my LAN center

I caught this commentary after it was posted on reddit and had to post my reaction… I think it is dead on. Most of you who read this have heard of my(our) dreams to create a bar/LAN center based on e-sports, competitive gaming, and betting on said games. When I think about some of the road-blocks to making that dream a reality, often I find myself planning for how to mitigate this particular aspect of the hardcore e-sporting crowd. Think about how much it sucks to start playing a new online game competitively – it’s still acceptable in most gaming culture to be an absolute ass.

bluehost not happy with the map shots

Unfortunately, BlueHost has nixed the use of the ‘google maps’ style server maps, mostly due to the large number of files required to make it work the way it does…

Hopefully, 1.6 comes soon and with it mapping within Minecraft itself!

New Map up… and word on the street is that the powered rails are up.

Map here. Open a new tab and compare with here. We really are growing =)

Thanks to some research we discovered on reddit, ergot reports that he has the powered rails up for the laughing skull terminal stations near the spawn, directly to the south, and directly to the north. We’ll have to have a ‘bring your own cart’ system for now.

New map, different angle

Howdy all! Great Minecrafting last night.
I took a new snapshot with a couple tweaks – first, I rotated the camera a bit more, so that East is up (typically it’s northeast); second, I changed the viewing angle so that the camera would be a bit closer to perpendicular with the ground. Let me know if you like this view…

(also, our world continues to grow!)

24 April, 2011