When proxy goes wrong (aka my quickest game / most confusing win ever?)

First of all, before I say anything, I must give a warm hello to the War Room community and thank Roneth (and anyone else responsible?) for setting this up! Great idea! Now for the meat and potatoes…

So two days ago I was playing SC2 as my main race (Toss) and I had the absolute quickest game of my life. My opponent’s strategy was to send two early probes up the ramp for a proxy play. At first, it seems like an alright idea with one unit coming in to the right, and another sneaking to the left. Unfortunately for him, I saw this happening and reacted with some probe on probe action. At this point it all goes wrong. I would describe the next part for you if I had any clue what was going through this guy’s head, but you’ll just have to watch the replay for yourself. I meanĀ Seriously?

By the way, not sure if the linking of the video above is the correct way to post replays on here…advice?


  1. He forgot to build the forge first, so your workers would have taken down the pylon.

    Linking to the video worked, but you can also “insert into post” after you upload it. One less click for anyone who wants to see it.