Always Expand

Hatguy and I won this match for one reason: we had more bases then they. While I still have my doubts about my micro abilities, I really, really enjoy overwhelming opponents with Macro. This match was especially fun because it involved both teams progressing up the tech tree, then destroying key opponent structures to send them back down the tech tree. Meanwhile, some high tech units are still around, while players don’t have the ability to replace them…

Being Terran rocks. Marines FTW.

I didn’t post this replay just to gloat, however, I am hoping that someone can tell Hatguy and I how we could have pressed (what I thought was) an early game army advantage. We try to take out the outmatched terrain, but just fall short.


  1. I haven’t watched the replay yet but I agree, macro wins games more than people think. It always seems like someone can beat you because they have a bigger army, but hey guess what!? It’s because they have another expo.

    I suffer from this problem a lot. Just watch me play Steve :)