Holy crap I suck!

OK, so I have a bit of a dilemma. Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of team games, which is great fun. However, I recently found out yesterday that my 1v1’s are sucking because of it. So the dilemma is: I want to get better 1v1, but I still want to e-chill with you guys and play with you! The solution? We need to play more 1v1’s together, not just team games. To encourage more equal games (some of us are better than others), we can handicap players by making them play an off-race, or, like I did vs Joel in one game (we gotta get him on here), other players watching the game can explicitely tell the worse player exactly what the other player is doing at all times. Obviously this is a huge advantage, but can really equal the playing field in some regards, as the worse player still has to macro hard to create the right units and respond effectively. Anyways, we should try getting some games going! I’m thinking one big skype call with 1 or 2 1v1’s going at all times and people can play/watch as they please. Thoughts?


  1. That would be awesome. I loved the 2v2 +observer we did a couple nights back, I feel like I’ve played better since then.

  2. I really like this idea. I enjoy 1v1 the most regardless because I know that I direct the outcome of the game. Plus watching games is also fun and you can give people good advice on how to improve.

    I think we should pick a night and time where we all can log on and get these games going!

  3. Does tomorrow night (Tuesday) work for you guys? I’m hoping to get 3-5 of us on and doing it so that we can mix up the matches to keep it interesting and have 2 games going at once if possible. I’ve gotten even worse since writing this post and with the announcement of two leagues above diamond now, we have even more reason to get better!

  4. I see your Tues and counter with Thurs…

    Everyone available Thurs? Around 7 central?

    Edit: I take it back – Emma and I might be on our way out to D.C. Thursday. I guess you guys could play without me…

  5. Just talked with Roneth. Looks like Thurs is better. This work for you Pungolo? Anyone else?

  6. Yeah Thursday is good for me! I feel like I’m getting a little better but my build timings are still off I think. This would be a nice way to improve cuz I can ask you guys for help (especially my boy Dissdain, where’s my fellow Protoss at!?)