Dead Even ZvP

I just finished this match and I have to say it was the most even 1v1 match-up I’ve played to date! I won’t tell you who wins. The replay is long but epic – definitely a good watch.

Also please comment on my play if you do watch the game. Thanks ^.^

Very Even Match


  1. Great replay post-game was awesome. I really didn’t know who was going to win! I’ll do my best to keep the outcome a secret.

    Replay feedback:

    I like the early proxy pylon, even though it didn’t pan out.

    Great answer to the zerg early expo… I thought you played it perfectly: not rushing your expo right away, as would be the natural reaction.

    Though they proved handy later in the game, I questioned the building of immortals when it was clear the opponent was going heavy roaches-are they an effective counter for roaches?

    You could have been in a much better position had you scouted more with your pheonix. He had a base on you…

    Great game, overall.

  2. Good points.

    I think i made a mistake with the pylon position because i think the xelnaga tower reveals it. A better spot is up and to the left of the natural behind the weeds, players usually don’t go back there.

    My understanding is that Immortals are great against Roaches, Hydras and especially Ultras…can someone correct me if I’m wrong? Sente?

    Good idea with the scouting. I got preoccupied with killing overlords :)

  3. Roaches are a little trickier for protoss, which is why 98% of zergs always go roaches against them. Immortals counter them, but it’s not really a hard counter. Same with colossi (as long as you can get position on them). The problem with roaches vs immortals is that roaches don’t actually do that much damage, so the immortal shields aren’t doing a ton. But in general, yeah, they are pretty good against roaches, but hard counter hydra and ultra like you said.

  4. I guess the roach hard counter is just voids…I can’t really think of anything else.

  5. Stalkers + sentries are pretty solid as well, although not as awesome with the increase range roaches got. Also, DTs as long as they don’t have overseer 😛