Civ V – single mouse button version

We’ve stuck mostly to posts about SC II, but the War Room is about more than just winning at the greatest game – it’s about winning EVERY game.  Another game in the “Every game” catagory?  Civilization V.  Why do I bring this up?  Because soon, many of us regulars here at the War Room will have the ability to win that game too – because a rumored release date for the Mac assures Civ V Mac availability within a month…


  1. Civ V is already a very demanding game (see late game), so unless you have a Mac Pro or some other man beast mac with 4 or more cores, it would be advantageous and probably more fun to boot up photoshop and start playing with pre-released civ V screenshots; play them at a high speed and pretend you’re playing the game. However, if said person has a mac with a quad and a video card that isn’t completely ballsack, this is excellent news.

  2. I think more excellent news would be a patch announcement…that’s why I stopped playing. For now.