BFBC2 – Vietnam

Quick update on the War Room’s status with our endorsed FPS: BFBC2.  BFBC2 – Vietnam was released a few days ago and I just got it; from the moment I heard CCR’s “fortunate son” I was in love.  I know a few of us are already Vietnam-capable; but with the Steam sale BFBC2 is only $7 – an unbelievable deal.  So, at the very least, if your reading this post and you don’t have the base game yet, you should get it (unless you only own a mac).

I haven’t played Vietnam yet enough to recommend it, maybe someone else has?

For BFBC2 multi-player noobs out there, this video does a pretty good job giving you the low-down on whats up:

Quick thing to note: on the PC it’s the ‘q’ key to mark the enemy players.  Also, not covered in the video, you press mouse 3 (often the mousewheel) to use your knife, which is an instant kill if you hit the enemy.

Also, discovered yesterday, there is a BFBC2 sub-reddit: