Diplomacy on Facebook

Anyone up for a game of Diplomacy on Facebook? A work friend of mine pointed this App out:


We can have a private game with turns that take up to 72 hours apiece!


  1. That sounds sweet. I’d be down. How many players do we need?

  2. I’m up for it. When do we start?

  3. Ok.
    Creating game. 48 Hour turns. Will send you guys invites via email. You will have to add the Diplomacy App.

    Name: WarRoom Match
    Password: packerswin

    This link should take you to the game: http://apps.facebook.com/phpdiplomacy/board.php?gameID=14309&join=on&gamepass=8991e91eef7f4e20642f2eac637671db

  4. And Andrew is the victor.
    We had some talk last night about a game with shorter turns – when do we think we could pull this off?