Minecraft server is up – I don’t know how performance is doing…
connect at: [removed to keep random folks offline-gotta know someone already on the server, simply contact them]


  1. and just like that, it’s down. Looks like the server file is corrupted 😡

  2. Set up again – this time it’s running on our flagship machine. Time has been rewound, though, to back when Dissdain turned it over to me… sorry folks.

  3. Minecraft is Awesome!

  4. Hey-o! I’m a friend of Sonya and Steve’s. My minecraft username is Kedmasterk–can I join you all in mining adventures?


    • Absolutely – the server info is on Sonya’s Facebook Wall (check the replies) or contact someone directly (sorry, can’t post here because it would be view-able by griefers…)

  5. Have you been making back-ups of the server, Hans? I think it just entails copying over the world file to somewhere safe, but I’m not sure completely.