NEW Minecraft World Generated!

Hearing from most players, we’ve decided to generate a new world and start over (with a bug-free *hopefully* server). The connection information remains the same, and if you are reading this blog and are interested, contact a player directly for the information.
There aren’t any rules on this server beyond the typical “don’t be a dick.” Don’t help yourself to anything without asking the person who put it there first, and be respectful of other’s projects. Obviously, we had a lot of fun building semi-nearby on our last server so we were neighbors… I think the same kind of distances we were already observing will be fine this time around.

If you log in to the new world and really want some space, it isn’t yours unless there is a clear claim… place some blocks around what your looking at, +add a sign for clarity.

Update: Server backups are now up and running daily.

Thats it for now, with some help from Talness we should have a google map-esque view of our old home on the web soon. Will update when that occurs.

Happy Mine-crafting everyone!