The War Room – on obstacles between me and my LAN center

I caught this commentary after it was posted on reddit and had to post my reaction… I think it is dead on. Most of you who read this have heard of my(our) dreams to create a bar/LAN center based on e-sports, competitive gaming, and betting on said games. When I think about some of the road-blocks to making that dream a reality, often I find myself planning for how to mitigate this particular aspect of the hardcore e-sporting crowd. Think about how much it sucks to start playing a new online game competitively – it’s still acceptable in most gaming culture to be an absolute ass.


  1. Yeah, I wish the culture weren’t like that, but I highly doubt it will change. I think one of the factors that contributes to people being dicks to each other in the community is because, well, they are dicks. The main reason for that? Because they are young, immature, and anonymous. Try and remember how kids argue/debate/converse on the playground when you were in middle school to people they weren’t good friends with. Kids are assholes to each other and add in the fact that everyone is anonymous, even older people will revert to that stage of social ineptness.