Guess I like to watch…

Caught this snippet on Slashdot. Interesting theories-I had always thought that the reason people like to watch so much was because playing SC2 is such a stressful activity – if you aren’t 100% on your game and going all out, your opponent will wipe the floor with you. I buy the argument, though-that because of the difference in information between playing and watching, watching itself is a different enough experience that it deserves to be considered on its own as a form of entertainment. Kind of like when we watch a football game on TV – the players are limited by their perspective, but those of us on our couches get to see angles that provide a better vantage point on how both team’s plays are developing as a whole.

At any rate, reading this makes me want to watch more SC2, and lets me feel like less of a “quitter” when I do.

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