Who needs allies?

In what is perhaps the most embarrassing match I’ve played to date, the (now infamous) 1v4 feat starring protagonist Jay vs The foces of Evil lead by Yazi. This match teaches a few valuable lessons:
1. Don’t quit unless ALL your teammates have acknowledged and approved.
2. Don’t quit even if your stupid teammates (doh!) do.
3. Dark Templar can win you a game against ridiculous odds if your opponent isn’t ready for them.
4. If you’ve got them on the run, DON’T IGNORE YOUR BASE!



  1. 3 things I learned from this:
    1) Keep your sound on…it alerts you to things like your base getting torn apart.
    2) Pay attention to your mini map! (even though the DTs wouldn’t show up, I should notice my buildings slowly dissapearing)
    3) And most importantly: KEEP MACROING!! Even when you feel like you have the game won and you’re just cleaning up, keep macroing! If I kept macroing in that game, I would’ve not only had a stronger economy late game and more units, but I would have noticed my main getting shredded up by DTs!