Battlefield 3 Alpha… a thematic virtual battlefield experience

A Friend of a Friend allowed me to take Battlefield 3 Alpha for a test-drive… let me tell you, my initial experience has actually managed to exceed my ridiculous expectations.

Be aware reader: this game is in alpha, so anything said here is subject to change (knowing Dice-improve) as BF3 goes to Beta, then live.

That isn’t to say the game is already complete – It appears to me that spotting is largely unchanged, or perhaps even more subject to abuse – I seemed to be able to spam Q at various bushes until I was able to find people trying to crawl through them. Also, though you can spawn on your squad leader (or even anyone in your squad, it seemed that was server dependent) the initial stage seems to suffer from attackers easily being able to spawn camp defenders.

I liked a lot of the changes from BC2:
Movement is different in this game – it seems easier to hit players on the run, and bring them down. This means cover was more important, and movement takes an “I’m up, they see me, I’m down” mentality. Also, the re-tooling of the kits is a welcome change from BC2 – I found myself loving playing the support kit… most players seemed to go with the assault/medic. With the support, I was running around, dropping ammo packs for points; setting up in the subway (could defend a corridor quite well-had a 12:1 round where most of my kills were me defending a corridor); and my best ‘battlefield moment’ happened in a way that only the support kit (armed with a larger magazine) seemed to be able to do: a triple kill when I flanked the enemy’s line to see a squad all hiding behind the same rock.

Oh, and if you’ve watched some youtube videos, I can confirm that the BF3 theme music blares a bit when you do something crazy (like a triple kill). Thematic was how I would describe that experience of pwnage. This game has me thinking tactics. If I was a cat, this would be me:

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