4 gate – attempt 2

So, recently I’ve been having a lot of trouble with toss 4 gate. The strat is SOOO easy to pull off and SOOOO effective against zerg. Here’s a brief play-by-play of what I mean.
1. pump out 1 or 2 sentries and a stalker to prevent all zerg harass for first 8 minutes minimum. Seriously, all of it.
2. put up 4 gw’s, start pumping stalkers, sentries, and zealots.
3. push out at 6-8 min with your massive army. put up a proxy pylon to keep your units reinforced. Meanwhile, start teching colossus.
4. either destroy zergs expo or completely contain them. throw down your own expo at this point.
5. once you have ~2 colossus, make final push and wtffacestop zergs pathetic attempt at defense.
6. ???
7. profit
1. scout what toss is doing. Realize there is nothing you can do about it at the moment but hope to out macro them.
2. expand
3. drone pump in hopes for the economy advantage. put down a few spine crawlers.
4. pump roaches and lings.
5. get owned.
Anyways, thats how all games against 4 gate good toss players seem to go for me. Comments/feedback/tips appreciated.


  1. Yo.
    Post a replay example for noobs like me.

  2. Ended up stomping this last night actually. I basically just macro’d more, built more drones quicker, more roaches/lings later as per day[9]’s newbie Tuesday. For those of you who don’t know who day[9] is, check him out: