Bulken loss inspired me this morning

scheming, scheming

Last night we suffered a humbling defeat on the Bulken map- we dropped a player (thanks B-net), another got overwhelmed, and it was basically curtains after that. I don’t think we need a debrief of that debacle.

I did notice, however, that I was able to fly in a Command Center into the middle of the map, and it was protected by some rocks… that got me thinking: what if I opened the match doing this? Loading up all my SCV’s and flying to the high-yield minerals. Slow start, but how slow? I think it would pay off pretty quickly-and with the rocks there I’d be able to get some units out before a zergling rush…



  1. Interesting idea.

    -Economy will build fairly quickly once you start mining
    -Protected with rocks
    -Supposing the enemy scouts, they will know something is up. Chances are they will search for you, possibly relieving early pressure from the rest of us.
    – Once they do see what you’ve done, you will be the focus of their aggression most likely, as they don’t want to give up a free golden expo in the middle of the map.

    -Slow start
    -The middle base is sunken, meaning they can shell you from above very easily, which will make this expansion VERY hard to keep.
    -If they decide to harass the rest of us, you won’t be in a position to help.

    I guess it’s hard to tell if it’s worth doing until you’ve done it. Now that I’ve thought of it some more, it could be interesting to have everyone rally their troops to the middle of the map after you’ve done that to help you defend. Those paths around the middle are so tight that we’d be able to see the enemies movements if they tried to hit one of our mains. Also, would have to bust up the rocks closest to us to all for army movement.