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Who needs allies?

In what is perhaps the most embarrassing match I’ve played to date, the (now infamous) 1v4 feat starring protagonist Jay vs The foces of Evil lead by Yazi. This match teaches a few valuable lessons:
1. Don’t quit unless ALL your teammates have acknowledged and approved.
2. Don’t quit even if your stupid teammates (doh!) do.
3. Dark Templar can win you a game against ridiculous odds if your opponent isn’t ready for them.
4. If you’ve got them on the run, DON’T IGNORE YOUR BASE!


Macro > Micro?

Another “own the map” variant, this time showing both it’s weaknesses (mid-game strong push) and it’s strength (late game economy making up for loss after loss of unit battles).

This replay seems to suggest that a strong Macro strategy beats excellent micro. I’m first to admit that the micro for our team (Jay, Hatguy, and Roneth) was an abomination. But the reason we win this game is we have the resources to make up for it. Though the attacks from the three Terrain players are solid, they didn’t expand fast enough to secure what was sure to be a victory. Typhon-it never ends!

Own the Map

I call this replay “own the map”

Furthering my strategy of building as many bases as possible (which, I think I’m going to start calling “own the map”) and then overwhelming with economic advantage, I humbly submit this entry from my morning session.

I’ve found zerg players have been the worst equipped team to handle this strategy. If you are zerg, and you see a terrain turtle like I am, just spread faster would be the counter.

Note that my original base gets destroyed in this game, but the only thing that matters by the time they have the tech to do it is the engineering bay. I think that with this strategy my “home base” will always be a base other than my home (or the base that isn’t being attacked, I suppose).


Hello world! I intend to rule you.

Welcome to the War Room. With this first post, I’d like to warn any newcomers that while I learn Word Press, the format of this blog may change dramatically, but the content will not!

The War Room is focused on one thing: Gaming Strategy. The only restriction: here we strategize to win.

This blog is set up (being set up) as a ‘posting by committee’ type of site. If you have a gaming strategy topic, or a match replays you want to debrief, this is the place to discuss.