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L4D pack $15 on Steam


L4D & L4D2 now $15 on Steam – if you don’t own these games, get them.  4 player awesomeness.

Move quick – this is a Halloween special.  How awesome is L4D?  ask these witches:

Hour Long Match!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I played my first game that was 1+ in length. Where is my achievement!?

Note: This is why I hate planetary fortresses…Resource War

Civ V – single mouse button version

We’ve stuck mostly to posts about SC II, but the War Room is about more than just winning at the greatest game – it’s about winning EVERY game.  Another game in the “Every game” catagory?  Civilization V.  Why do I bring this up?  Because soon, many of us regulars here at the War Room will have the ability to win that game too – because a rumored release date for the Mac assures Civ V Mac availability within a month…

I want this tool


I have too many side projects on my plate as it is, so I probably won’t be implementing this any time soon, but if anyone wants to take my idea, I would encourage them to and maybe help a bit.

Anyways, here is the idea. It is kind of a two parter:

1. Hack the Starcraft2 replay file format. Figure out how they are storing the action and meta information in there. Some people have done this and posted some open source stuff on the web previously, but it looks like Blizzard changed the file format up again and foiled their plans. There might be someone out there who has successfully done this again, but I haven’t found it. From what I understand, the replay file contains some meta info about the game (like who won, APM, BO, stuff like that) and then the ACTIONS of the player. It’s important to know that it contains only the actions, because that’s what makes part 2 non-trivial to solve.

2. This is the meat of the project and the fun part: Write a javascript or flash control so that we can embed replays in browsers and watch them without having to launch SC2! For obvious reasons, this would be really really useful and you’d probably get pretty damn e-famous for a while in the SC2 community if you did it well. Now, I’m not saying rewrite the entire SC2 client and have sweet graphics and stuff, all I’m suggesting is a 10,000 ft view of the replay. Maybe just have a largish box that shows the entire map at once and show troop movement (similar to the mini-map in-game) and show what’s in production, APM, income, etc. The tricky part about this is that the replay file only contains action information, like I said previously, so unit pathing, unit attacking order, etc, would all have to be implemented by your program, which would be fairly difficult I think. Since I’m not sure what is contained completely in that replay file, I can’t say for sure, but if unit death is actually saved in there, that would make this a lot easier and more possible to do, but without that it may be almost impossible to recreate an accurate replay.

Anyways, that was just my idea. It would be pretty damn hard and there are lots of large hurdles, but the payback would be pretty large as well. You might even get Blizzard’s attention with something like this if you did it well IMO.

Opponents got ya down?

Dial 1-800-GET-USMC

Call in the Marines

The best part is… they thought they had the upper hand…

Dead Even ZvP

I just finished this match and I have to say it was the most even 1v1 match-up I’ve played to date! I won’t tell you who wins. The replay is long but epic – definitely a good watch.

Also please comment on my play if you do watch the game. Thanks ^.^

Very Even Match

New Strategy for BF 1942 Dogfights

Next time we have an old school BF 1942 match, I’m trying this…

(posted for those of you who didn’t catch it on Reddit)…

Holy crap I suck!

OK, so I have a bit of a dilemma. Recently, I’ve been playing a lot of team games, which is great fun. However, I recently found out yesterday that my 1v1’s are sucking because of it. So the dilemma is: I want to get better 1v1, but I still want to e-chill with you guys and play with you! The solution? We need to play more 1v1’s together, not just team games. To encourage more equal games (some of us are better than others), we can handicap players by making them play an off-race, or, like I did vs Joel in one game (we gotta get him on here), other players watching the game can explicitely tell the worse player exactly what the other player is doing at all times. Obviously this is a huge advantage, but can really equal the playing field in some regards, as the worse player still has to macro hard to create the right units and respond effectively. Anyways, we should try getting some games going! I’m thinking one big skype call with 1 or 2 1v1’s going at all times and people can play/watch as they please. Thoughts?

Always Expand

Hatguy and I won this match for one reason: we had more bases then they. While I still have my doubts about my micro abilities, I really, really enjoy overwhelming opponents with Macro. This match was especially fun because it involved both teams progressing up the tech tree, then destroying key opponent structures to send them back down the tech tree. Meanwhile, some high tech units are still around, while players don’t have the ability to replace them…

Being Terran rocks. Marines FTW.

I didn’t post this replay just to gloat, however, I am hoping that someone can tell Hatguy and I how we could have pressed (what I thought was) an early game army advantage. We try to take out the outmatched terrain, but just fall short.

Base Trade!

Hey guys! So I had a really interesting PvT game the other night where my opponent and I completely destroyed each other’s main and then rebuilt our nexus/command center in the opposite starting position! Pretty funny that this happened, and pretty lucky for me that I was able to sneak out with a win. Thank god for proxy stargates!

My take-away from this game is do not engage when you don’t have to. My first voids were a reasonable attack and they take out some SCVs but bringing my army in to follow up was a mistake, especially when I knew what I was going up against (although sometimes I forget to pay attention to that when I’m trying to micro). Anyway, getting antsy and jumping into battles you can’t win can sometimes be difficult to resist. Enjoy the replay!

Even Match