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When all else fails, do something they won’t expect

Hatguy here. I just played a TRvZP with my buddy NINJAMAN with NINJAMAN spawning as a Terran. We devised a very clever strategy. He would push the A key all game long and I would do other stuff. Well we walled off the front and I was scouting with some reapers until they ran into the mass of speedlings, so much for the reapers. I decided that a good counter to whatever the Toss was doing would be to build marauders next…they never got out of the base. They were evaporated along with our front wall by banelings, now that was depressing. The only thing keeping us alive is the copious amounts of marines that NINJAMAN is pumping out. I spot the typical counter to the only thing left keeping us alive, colossi. So I go for the vikings to get rid of the threat. They counter well but are killed off by the stalkers. I think at some point i may have tried the banshee harass too, idk. Alright well what’s left? I hope you guys enjoy this.


The War Room Recommends…

This post is essentially me stealing Sente’s idea:  We should have a portion of this site dedicated to games we endorse sorted by game genre.  For instance, for RTS we endorse Starcraft 2.  For FPS, at this point, its safe to say we endorse Battlefield Bad Co. 2.

Something that would be cool would be to also have a ‘roll call’ for each game we decide to endorse:  what War Room members own the game and what their info is to add them as a friend/contact in the game.  Steam typically handles this – maybe we just need to share Steam ID’s somewhere.

What do folks think of this idea?  What else would we want to see beyond who has it, and what genre it is?

Perhaps to get a game endorsed we would set up a poll… or we restrict endorsements to one game per genre…

Black Ops vs Medal of Honor

Saturday, Jay and I wrapped up about 3 hours of complete shooter domination – first vs zombies (L4D2), and then on the battlefield (Battlefield Bad Co 2).  The only thing that would have made it better is if more of us were playing.  Having a full squad of us (or two) in Battlefield Bad Co 2 would mean complete match domination-not that Jay and I don’t already achieve this with our helicopter tactics… but I have my doubts that all of us would be up for buying what is now getting to be an older game.  That brings me to the point of this post: what (new) battlefield simulation game are we most interested in?  I’d like to see one with squad tactics built in, good vehicular combat, and some flexibility in tactics.  Really, I’d like to see BFBC2 without glitches and for $20 less, but thats like wishing for understanding the meaning of a double rainbow.  Anyone have any experience with the newcomers? (Medal of Honor/Call of Duty Black Ops)?

If we can get some war simulation games into our common gaming cycles, we’ll be able to geek out about tactics of a new and fun sort.

Epic 2v2

Troy and I played a jawesome game. Timely pushes, map awareness, and some tech switching are what won it for us. Basically, I’m posting this replay because we played really well and everyone should see it! [Bonus: about 4 min from the end check out that interception of a probe transfer!]

epic pwnage

Zerg build optimizer

I’ve heard of this before, but this guy does a pretty good analysis/explanation here:

I’m going to be trying that 7-roach BO in my toss and zerg games I think. Seems like its pretty powerful – you actually get 2 more roaches than the popular 5 roach build (which I’ve been using some recently) AND you get all of them about 45 seconds sooner!!! (though you take a slight economy hit to do it) Anyways, would be interesting to see something like this for the other races too and it seems like it would actually be simpler to do (no need for managing larva creation, loss of drones when creating buildings, etc).