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BFBC2 stat tracker

The essence of any strategic breakdown: stats.
They exist for BFBC2. Go here, find your gamertag, click “update”, wait for a while, your stats appear.

Here are mine at a glance (click for more info):

BFBC2 tank strat, B10 plays

Two tank spots:

Also – PapaJay, FailBoat, and I have developed two rush attacker “plays” we like to call.  Both are named “Big Ten” – effectively “up the middle”

The first is on the map Oasis, on the first set of M-Com stations.  Take a 4 wheeler (or if your playing with more than one friend, the HUMV) right up the middle of the map – to the left of the riverbed, but right of the rocks and buildings between the attacker base and the defender base.  Drive right into their front door, as most defenses focus on the typical attack routes: from the flanks.  Do not stop midway for anything… focus is on getting your squad in their base.  Once you are driving into the front entrance, pick a side, and get out of the vehicle and into a building.  If you do this right at the beginning of the match, often you can get the station armed before they even realize you’re there…  but if they’ve seen you, don’t arm; hole up, and occupy as much of them as you can, allowing your team’s attack (assuming it’s competent) to really get on in full.

The second “Big Ten” play is the original.  On the map Laguna Presa, when attacking the first set of M-Cons, take your attacking squad in a boat and drive it to the shore directly between points alpha and bravo (cheat a little to the alpha side).  There you will find the foot of what we like to call “hamburger hill”.  Though it would seem you don’t have much cover on the hill, you actually can sneak a while squad over it to base alpha fairly quickly without exposing yourself to too much fire.  This strategy is especially effective after the rest of your team has established a line of fire on either flank, allowing  your squad to cheat toward the appropriate side of the hill when making your break for Alpha.

Stay tuned, future War Room plays from the BFBC2 playbook to come!

BFBC2 – Vietnam

Quick update on the War Room’s status with our endorsed FPS: BFBC2.  BFBC2 – Vietnam was released a few days ago and I just got it; from the moment I heard CCR’s “fortunate son” I was in love.  I know a few of us are already Vietnam-capable; but with the Steam sale BFBC2 is only $7 – an unbelievable deal.  So, at the very least, if your reading this post and you don’t have the base game yet, you should get it (unless you only own a mac).

I haven’t played Vietnam yet enough to recommend it, maybe someone else has?

For BFBC2 multi-player noobs out there, this video does a pretty good job giving you the low-down on whats up:

Quick thing to note: on the PC it’s the ‘q’ key to mark the enemy players.  Also, not covered in the video, you press mouse 3 (often the mousewheel) to use your knife, which is an instant kill if you hit the enemy.

Also, discovered yesterday, there is a BFBC2 sub-reddit:


I had the fortune of (finally) playing a game of Diplomacy this past weekend – it’s perhaps the ultimate game of strategy.  No random chance or dexterity of clicking is required; it’s a game of pure deterministic outcomes.

The game starts with each player holding territories that are occupied by units.  It progresses via rounds that go as follows:

  1. Players meet with each other (in private) to discuss any alliances they wish to make.
  2. Every player writes down (in secret) a single order for each unit they own.
  3. These orders are executed simultaneously, with conflict resolution rules.
  4. Defeated units are given retreat orders, or disbanded.
  5. (every other round) based on the number (and type) of territories you hold, either disband some of your units or add new ones.

And thats it.  It’s really a simple game once you learn it, and I found it terribly engrossing.  As you can imagine, the time it takes to play a complete game is on the order of double digit hours.

There are so many ways one can extend this game…

I could honestly see this game played by teams of players, one being the “decider” of the team and the rest diplomatic envoys who go and meet with the other team’s “decider” or envoys.

I could see playing it via email – with one person having a board at their place and performing the movement orders and sending out emails of the game board to each of the other players for each round.   Rounds would take two days – day 1 picture of game board sent out, all day for negotiations, orders sent that night, resolution of orders the next morning, and retreat/disband orders given night of day 2. (Andrew, if you want to set this up, I’m in.)

This game should be a facebook app-the platform provides everything you would need to make it successful.  (As would steam,, or any other social/connected platform).  The game is old… I wonder if someone could write it and put it out there…

Pictures from our game: