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Quick Minecraft update

All – returned from vacation, the server is back up!

Guess I like to watch…

Caught this snippet on Slashdot. Interesting theories-I had always thought that the reason people like to watch so much was because playing SC2 is such a stressful activity – if you aren’t 100% on your game and going all out, your opponent will wipe the floor with you. I buy the argument, though-that because of the difference in information between playing and watching, watching itself is a different enough experience that it deserves to be considered on its own as a form of entertainment. Kind of like when we watch a football game on TV – the players are limited by their perspective, but those of us on our couches get to see angles that provide a better vantage point on how both team’s plays are developing as a whole.

At any rate, reading this makes me want to watch more SC2, and lets me feel like less of a “quitter” when I do.

Our Minecraft Server, zip format, 13May11 1620

Hi all-
ergot and I are doing some testing with the new Minehost service… as part of that test we’re going to load up our server and check to see how functional it is. I figured I’d put out a copy of our server here for both our testing, and if anyone wanted a snap.

Also, anyone interested in testing Minehost with us? Ergot is leading the charge here, so he sets the timelines, but I’m sure he’d be happy to see interest from you guys…

The War Room – on obstacles between me and my LAN center

I caught this commentary after it was posted on reddit and had to post my reaction… I think it is dead on. Most of you who read this have heard of my(our) dreams to create a bar/LAN center based on e-sports, competitive gaming, and betting on said games. When I think about some of the road-blocks to making that dream a reality, often I find myself planning for how to mitigate this particular aspect of the hardcore e-sporting crowd. Think about how much it sucks to start playing a new online game competitively – it’s still acceptable in most gaming culture to be an absolute ass.

bluehost not happy with the map shots

Unfortunately, BlueHost has nixed the use of the ‘google maps’ style server maps, mostly due to the large number of files required to make it work the way it does…

Hopefully, 1.6 comes soon and with it mapping within Minecraft itself!